eBook: Object Storage Buyer’s Guide

Everything you need to know about the coming revolution in enterprise storage.

This Object Storage Buyer's Guide gives you the information you need to deploy this innovative storage class in your data center. The Definitive Technology Guide

Data growth has made traditional storage types costly and hard to manage. Object storage solves the capacity problem with the industry’s only limitlessly scalable architecture.

Read this eBook to learn what object storage is, why it’s different, and how it can help address your capacity storage challenges.

  • How object storage works
  • Where it fits in the storage landscape vs file and block
  • The TCO benefits in various workloads
  • The S3 API and why it matters
  • Why metadata will become your most valuable asset
  • Hybrid cloud and multi-cloud: what they are and how they differ
  • The terminology you need to know

Amazon, Google, and Microsoft all rely on object storage for their cloud infrastructure.  Now, it’s ready for your data center. Learn about this exabyte-scalable technology from the team that created it.

object storage buyers guideFind out how you can tackle your large-scale storage challenges more simply and cost-effectively than you thought possible. Download this eBook today.

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