Modernize Your Enterprise Archive Storage with Cloudian HyperStore and Veritas Enterprise Vault

Simplify Archive Storage and Management While Improving Retention, Compliance, Access, and Search

New compliance and regulatory requirements combined with specific needs for a more modern, cost-effective and scalable storage archive make archiving enterprise information such as email, legal and other corporate and regulated data a top business issue. Cloudian’s Veritas-certified HyperStore® seamlessly integrates with Veritas Enterprise Vault™ providing a modern archive vault store solution that helps simplify archive storage while improving information retention, compliance, access, and search. Cloudian’s solution is multi-cloud ready, extending on-prem
capability to include public cloud, as needed.

The Challenge

Managing archive data growth, compliance and protection has become increasingly complex. Organizations are faced with new archive needs while contending with outdated and inefficient hardware. The need for an affordable, simple and scalable archive storage solution has never been greater.

Automated Retention Management

Veritas Enterprise Vault is a purpose-built retention management platform that enables a diverse set of strategies to meet business and regulatory information retention requirements. Enterprise Vault centralizes and automates retention management across email, files, social media, and more, scaling to 100s of thousands of users.

Enterprise Vault has the ability to quickly ingest and index terabytes of relevant data into a centralized HyperStore archive, scaling to support large data volumes and better manage the rapid growth of increasingly diverse types of information.

veritas enterprise vault diagram

Veritas Enterprise Vault is the industry’s most widely deployed solution for automating retention of business and regulated data including email, call logs, and social media. Veritas-certified Cloudian HyperStore as an on-prem vault store that also tiers to the public cloud provides new levels of capacity expansion, affordability, efficiency, and security.

Limitlessly Scalable Data Archive Vault Store

Veritas-certified Cloudian® HyperStore is an on-prem enterprise object storage platform that seamlessly integrates with Veritas Enterprise Vault as a limitlessly scalable data archive store. Multi-cloud ready, HyperStore provides cost-effective capacity expansion with integrated data protection.

Available as an appliance or as software, Cloudian HyperStore provides policy-based intelligence while scaling seamlessly across locations, including public cloud, with a single fabric for unified control and data visibility.

Management Simplicity

Cloudian HyperStore integrates seamlessly with your Veritas Enterprise Vault environment to enable simplified archive and management of a broad set of enterprise information including email, legal and financial records, social media, call recordings, messaging and logs, as well as regulated and other types of data.

The Enterprise Vault application connects to each of the relevant data sources, e.g., Exchange Mail, with Cloudian HyperStore operating seamlessly with Enterprise Vault as either associated primary storage or archive storage. No change to the environment is needed, nor is any extra software installation or plug-ins required.

Data storage management is simplified with fine grain, bucket-level storage policies. A single global namespace across multiple locations provides unified visibility and control.

Additional costs savings accrue from establishing archive and retention policies at the outset that allow information to expire accordingly.

This solution is extensible to include public cloud integration as an additional resource tier or as a secondary off-site location option for disaster recovery.

Cloudian HyperStore

Cloudian’s HyperStore is a Veritas-certified, exabyte-scale Enterprise Vault storage platform, providing an elegant, cost-effective solution for your digital compliance archive. With unlimited scalability and unmatched storage density, Cloudian HyperStore scales capacity non-disruptively.

HyperStore is designed to provide the right level of archive data protection with both erasure coding and replication options that can be applied according to data types. With data durability of up to 14 nines or more, HyperStore can ensure your archive is protected if one storage node or even an entire data center fails.

Policy-driven data replication between sites means archived data is always backed up and available where needed automatically, without manual data management.

Cloudian’s automatic data verification and self-healing functions provide reliability and resilience against hardware failures, while its data encryption (in-flight and at rest) safeguards valuable assets against threats of deletion or theft via malware.

Additional capabilities include custom metadata tagging to store user-defined metadata with your archive data. This creates additional data value by enabling intelligent search and analytics. Google-like search and data visualization tools make information easy to access and analyze, even across your different archive stores. Search, categorize, and utilize data in your HyperStore archive at a much deeper level than previously possible.

As a fully S3 API compliant, multi-tenant, multi-data center hybrid cloud storage system, HyperStore can also be used for other storage needs and use cases. HyperStore is designed for simplicity and durability for easy day-to-day operations.

Data Migration

Keeping your archive infrastructure up to date helps minimize the risk of loss. Often, this means migrating data from legacy storage such as Centera. But migrating Enterprise Vault email and other archive data from older storage platforms to a new, more cost-effective archive can be complex and time-consuming.

Cloudian collaborates with migration service providers who simplify and accelerate the process while ensuring that requirements for compliance, retention, access, and search are met.

Simply deploy Cloudian HyperStore in your Enterprise Vault environment and set your retention policies as needed. Separately, any archive data held in Centera or other Enterprise Vault-attached storage being replaced would be migrated to Cloudian. Once data migration is complete, your legacy storage platform can be decommissioned.

veritas ev certified


  • Growing capacity requirements
  • Need to ensure compliance
  • Right level of data protection
  • Offsite archive adds significant cost and/or logistical issues
  • Need for deep search and analysis
  • Support for geo-distributed deployment


  • Veritas Enterprise Vault Certified
  • Plug-and-play archive vault store
  • Exabyte-scalable storage
  • Automated tiering to public cloud
  • On-prem/cloud (hybrid) storage with multi-cloud capabilities
  • Vault store costs under $.01 per GB per month, including support
  • Reduction of storage costs by up to 70% vs legacy storage
  • Seamless visibility and control across multiple sites, including public cloud
  • No change to existing applications or extra software needed
  • Supports other storage needs and use cases